About Freebra of Sweden

– the ultimate wardrobe accessory

A huge success since its beginnings in 2005, Freebra is a Swedish brand that prides itself on offering high quality and high performance products that keep you looking perfect, no matter which outfit you choose to wear!
With a great selection of products to fix all your fashion emergencies, Freebra ensures your freedom of movement. Comfort is a priority and you always look natural and flawless.

How it all began

They say that necessity is the mother of invention and that’s precisely why Freebra was created. Founded in 2005 by Erika Bonér and Robert Edvardsson, Erika had always loved fashion but often encountered problems finding underwear to match the strapless and backless outfits that she adores. Seeing a big gap in the market, Erika and Robert came up with the concept for Freebra.

Since their first bra design, the range has grown and diversified to provide you with the unique products that you see today.

Only the best is good enough for you

To ensure you’re totally satisfied, we develop our products with a strong focus on quality of materials, shape, durability and comfort. We check each and every product we manufacture before unleashing them on the market. That’s how we know that our products really work!

In Europe, Freebra’s products are available at over 200 resellers, from bridal and lingerie stores to fashion boutiques. We also ship Freebra products all over the world.

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