Cleavage Boost Bra

349 kr

Get amped-up cleavage with our Cleavage Boost Bra. Unique shape enhances cleavage and provides coverage where it counts.

Lightweight and comfortable the bra moulds to the shape of your bust. An absolute must have for your most dramatic necklines.

This bra runs slightly small so if you are in between sizes we recommend you take a larger size.

Need a help finding your size? We recommend having a look at the size guidelines.

Complimentary Freebra dust bag, ideal to store your Freebra in is included.

Follow care guidelines to reuse up to 30 times.


Q: What is special with the Cleavage Boost Bra?
A: The Cleavage Boost is very lightweight and follows your every move. You barely know it’s there. With the Cleavage Boost Bra, you also get a perfect cleavage. The cups have a non-adhesive area in them for your nipple, which makes them easy to attach. This style is also covered with a smooth fabric and completely seamless.

Q: Is there anything special that I should think of when I attach my Cleavage Boost Bra?
A: It’s important to note the round fabric circles where you should place your nipples. You should fasten one side at the time and then click them together.

Q: How does it stay on when it doesn’t have any straps?
A: All our strapless bras stick directly to your skin thanks to their adhesive silicone material.

Q: How many times can I use my Freebra?
A: If you take care of your bra, washing it gently with dishwashing detergent and water after every use, it can last up to 30 times.

Q: How do I wash my strapless bra Freebra?
A: Just wash it gently with dishwashing detergent and rinse well. Be very gentle with the inside of the cups so you don’t scratch it with your nails. Let the inner cups air-dry naturally before putting on the protective plastic covers. Then leave it for the fabric to dry on a towel.

Q: My protective plastic covers have been damaged – what do I do?
A: You can use a regular freezer bag. As long as the plastic fulfills its main purpose of protecting the adhesive surface, that is fine. We don’t recommend plastic wrap as it breaks easily and can get stuck to the adhesive material.

Q: Will this bra fall off if I’m very active or dance around in it?
A: It depends on how much you sweat. If you sweat a lot, your Freebra might lose its adhesive power, but it should never fall straight off. If it doesn’t stick as well as when you originally put it on, you can try to fit it again by pressing it against your breasts. You can also visit the ladies room and remove your Freebra, pat dry your breasts with a towel and then put your Freebra on again.

Q: Can I use my Push up Pads in my strapless Freebra?
A: No, unfortunately. The Push up Pad covers too much of the adhesive surface of the bra’s cup, so your bra can’t stick properly to your skin.


A, 65B, 70B
75B, 80B, 70C
75C, 80C, D

A/B – cup
B/C – cup
C/D – cup


A, 30B, 32B
34B, 36B, 32C
34C, 36C, D
A/B – cup
B/C – cup
C/D – cup


A, 80B, 85B
90B, 95B, 85C
90C, 95C, D
A/B – cup
B/C – cup
C/D – cup


A 8B 10B
12B 14B 10C
12C 14C D
A/B – cup
B/C – cup
C/D – cup

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